Fédération des Barreaux d’Europe—European Bars Federation (FBE)

FBE is an international non-profit organization founded in 1992, continuing the activity of the Conference of Principal Bars of Europe operating from 1986. FBE is made up of bar organizations operating in member countries of the Council of Europe—currently about 250.

FBE’s mission includes taking action to intensify contacts between professional associations of lawyers in Europe, while respecting their autonomy and independence, by organizing periodic meetings, representing the legal professions before European institutions, promoting the rule of law, the autonomy and independence of the judicial system, and human rights, as well as promoting harmonization among the legal professions in Europe in professional privileges and ethics. FBE also organizes mutual exchange of information among its members on the practice of legal professions in each jurisdiction and issues and changes in regulations governing each legal profession.

Self-governing professional associations of lawyers (national, regional or local) in member states of the Council of Europe are eligible for full membership in FBE. Bars operating in countries that are not members of the Council of Europe may apply for the status of observer members.

The Warsaw Bar Association was admitted as a member of FBE in 2011. According to Anna Tarasiuk-Flodrowska, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Warsaw Bar Association, “FBE membership has a positive impact on the image of the Warsaw Bar Association and expands the opportunities for promoting the association in Europe. Membership allows us to form contacts with lawyers from other European countries and to exchange information about practice, problems, and changes in regulations governing the legal profession, as well as undertaking joint initiatives.”

Information about the Warsaw Bar Association has been included on the FBE website.

We encourage members to review the proposed conferences and seminars organized by FBE and the materials published at the FBE website. FBE member bars may also participate in working groups established by the association.

More information about FBE and its events is available at the organization’s official website (available in five language versions).