Students and advocates from Chile at the Warsaw Bar Association

A group of law students and advocates from Chile are conducting a study tour of Poland on 18–29 January 2016.

The agenda for the visit includes a number of meetings at key public institutions, including the Constitutional Tribunal, the Supreme Court, the Polish Institute of International Affairs, and the Parliament. The visit was organized by the Warsaw Latin Convention, under the patronage of the Warsaw Bar Association among others, and thus the visit had to include a meeting at the headquarters of the Warsaw Bar Association on Plac Konstytucji. A lecture entitled “Profesiones jurídicas en Polonia” (“Legal Professions in Poland”) was delivered on 20 January by attorney at law Radosław Radosławski from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

There was particular interest in issues connected with access to the profession of attorney at law and the role of the bar association in creating and enforcing rules of professional ethics. In his talk, Radosławski explained the gradual convergence in the professional entitlements and position of Polish advocates and attorneys at law in a broader historical and sociological context. There were a number of questions about bailiffs and the practical aspects of the practice of this profession, and a lively discussion about this professional group provided an opportunity for sharing experiences on both sides.

The next major event in the visit is the conference “Doing Business in Chile” on 26 January at the University of Warsaw Library. There is more information about the conference on our website.

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