Meeting with representative of Tel Aviv Bar Association

Further to the cooperation agreement recently signed in Tel Aviv between the Warsaw Bar Association and the Tel Aviv Bar Association and the arrangements made at that time, the Warsaw Bar Association hosted a working meeting in Warsaw on 3 February 2015 with attorney Avraham Weber, a representative of the Tel Aviv Bar Association.

Participating in the event on the part of the Warsaw Bar Association were the dean of the council, Włodzimierz Chróścik, and the leaders of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Details for cooperation in the upcoming months were discussed. The plans for the first half of this year include a visit to Warsaw by the dean of the Tel Aviv Bar Association together with lawyers and investors from Israel. The Israeli side also hopes to be joined by members of the newly elected Knesset.

The plans for the visit include a conference and workshop on investing in Poland, the main legal regulations connected with business operations in Poland, establishment of new companies, and other topics of interest to both parties.

On the Polish side, one of the goals of the visit is to show their Israeli colleagues the value of relying on the professional advice of local attorneys when carrying out investments in Poland.

Another topic to be discussed is the liberalization of the real estate market in Poland in 2016 and the resulting increase in investment opportunities for Israeli citizens.

During the visit by the Tel Aviv delegation, further joint cooperation will also be discussed, including the details for attorney exchange programs, training, and promotion of conferences organized by both bar associations.

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