Legal systems of South American indigenous peoples

“La Justicia Indígena en El Ecuador” was the title of a lecture on 30 September 2015 for an audience in Warsaw interested in the system of indigenous justice among inhabitants of countries in the Andes.

The lecture at the headquarters of the Warsaw Bar Association at pl. Konstytucji 5 was led by Dr Juan Eduardo Pilataxi Almendariz from Ecuador. The guests of honour were Enrique Belaunde, Minister at the Embassy of Peru in Poland, and Włodzimierz Chróścik, Dean of the Warsaw Bar Association.

The lecture was devoted to the legal system of South American Indians functioning alongside state law—Justicia Indígena. Juan Eduardo Pilataxi Almendariz is particularly interested in this issue, which was the topic of his doctoral dissertation.

The lecture drew a full crowd of attorneys at law and attorney trainees. Dr Pilataxi Almendariz illustrated his remarks with many examples from real life.

Pilataxi Almendariz is an advocate and lecturer at two universities in Ecuador. He visited Poland at the special invitation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Warsaw Bar Association, and on the occasion also ran the 37th PZU Warsaw

Marathon. When asked by the dean of the bar association what time he posted in the run, he admitted that with the long journey, late arrival in Warsaw and little time to prepare, he did not achieve a personal best. But he finished the race.

The Warsaw Marathon was the 57th marathon for the Ecuadorian. But he’s not slowing his pace, and plans to run more races this year, including the Quito and Lisbon marathons.

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