Legal bridge between Warsaw and Frankfurt

The Warsaw Bar Association represented Poland at a two-day conference celebrating International Chamber Day in Frankfurt, Germany.

The conference for International Chamber Day was hosted on 12–13 November 2015 by the Frankfurt Bar Association. At the invitation of the president of the Rechtsanwaltskammer Frankfurt am Main, Dr. Michael Griem, the Warsaw Bar Association was represented by attorney at law Michał Lasota of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The purpose of this year’s meeting was not just to discuss current issues of law practice, but also to strengthen international contacts within the European legal community.

There was a discussion at the conference on the role and importance of the legal profession in ensuring access to the justice system. Speakers discussed such issues as recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards, as well as the EU’s Succession Regulation, with particular attention to cross-border inheritance cases between Germany and Spain. There were also sessions discussing electronic communications between lawyers and courts, and the rights of suspects during criminal investigations.

The Frankfurt Bar Association held its annual meeting during the event. At the gala dinner opening International Chamber Day, Michał Lasota talked with Dr. Michael Griem about the possibility of increasing cooperation between the two organizations, as well as holding a day of pro bono legal advice for the Polish community in Frankfurt. In addition, he and Orsolya Görgényi, president of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA), discussed potential cooperation between the Warsaw Bar Association and AIJA and signing of an agreement between the organizations in this respect.

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