Foreign Affairs Committee project takes 2nd place in nationwide contest of National Bar Association

An award for the Warsaw Bar Association for the best project for international activity of the regional bars! The award is for the Warsaw bar’s “Innovative program for promotion of the Polish profession of attorney-at-law abroad.”

The competition was organized by the Nation Bar Association’s Foreign Commission. The purpose is to promote interesting initiatives from the regional bars and encourage them to actively involve as broad a group of members as possible. The competition is also intended to promote the involvement of the regional bars in cooperation with foreign lawyers and to build a positive image of the Polish profession of attorney-at-law in the international arena.

The Competition Commission evaluating the projects included attorney-at-law Andrzej Kalwas (Chair) as well as Barbara Kras and Rafał Ciesielski representing the National Bar Association. In assessing the projects, the commission took into account such factors as the innovative character of the project and the degree of activation of a large number of bar members.

The project submitted by the Warsaw Bar Association, entitled “Innovative program for promotion of the Polish profession of attorney-at-law abroad,” calls for organizing week-long residencies by experienced attorneys-at-law in international contact with foreign bar associations. The point is for the Polish attorney to learn more about the activity of the foreign bar, establish contacts with foreign lawyers in the given bar (building up a long-term base of contacts with foreign bars), presentation of potential opportunities for cooperation, indicating projects in which Polish attorneys may work together with foreign lawyers (particularly projects with a Polish element), and, following completion of the residency, presentation in Poland of the information gathered abroad.

During the residency, a program would be conducted to provide free legal advice to Poles living abroad. In each country, the plan is to organize a meeting with the local chamber of commerce (and possibly also with the Polish diplomatic mission) for local businesses, combined with a presentation by the Polish attorney on doing business in Poland and the legal services provided to the business community by Polish attorneys-at-law.

The project of the Warsaw Bar Association won second prize and received PLN 10,000 in financing for project implementation.

The other winners included the Opole Bar Association (for its project “Law firms and lawyers of the 20th meridian”) and the Lublin Bar Association (for the project “Playing the Law”).

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